Last Updated: 30/05/05

The following are articles that I've had published...I hope you like them!  Where necessary I've annotated words or phrases which may be meaningless to non-JETs (or non-former-JETs!), and people with little or no knowledge of Japan/Japanese. 


Incidentally, JETFuel is our local JET magazine, written by Fukui JETs, edited by Fukui JETs, published by Fukui JETs and distributed by Fukui JETs.  It keeps us all entertained at our desks for hours at a time when there's nothing else to do.  Which isn't often (!). 


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An Enkai of Enkais
 (as Sherry Rhodes*)

First published in Nov. '03 JETFuel   

An article about a fabulous works party I attended towards the end of 2003.   A bit more extreme than most enkais, but not by much!

Moving in...
 (as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in Jul '04 JETFuel
My message to leaving JETs and new JETs - the trouble I had with my predecessor.  Please keep in mind that most predecessors are lovely, lovely people.  But some aren't. 

  (as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in Jul '04 JETFuel

Well, it was inevitable wasn't it?!  Anyone who knows me will not be surprised by the appearance of this article.  

From the Land of the Rising Sun
First published in the 2003-2004 JCG/JCOGA School Magazine
I was asked to write an article about Japan for my old school's magazine.  Here's the result.

A New Perspective (as Sherry Rhodes)
First published in Oct '04 JETFuel
Observations and comparisons of relationships between new and existing JETs.

All Alone in a Burning Building and other short stories (as Sherry Rhodes)
First published in Oct '04 JETFuel
Funny things happen at Haruko.  Here are a few of them...

Water Weekend
(co-written with Tom Westley)
First published in Oct '04 JETFuel
Bullied by one of the editors into writing about the white water rafting and shower-climbing weekend.  This is the result...

"You have a flat bike tyre because...YOU ARE A FAT GAIJIN" 
And Other Insults
(as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in March '04 JETFuel

Our Japanese teacher is very keen to point out how much larger we are than Japanese people.  In fact, she does so at every available opportunity, which inspired me to write this article.


A Different Kind of Enkai (as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in March '05 JETFuel

A retirement party for a very popular teacher - a demonstration of just how little I know about my teachers.



Clockwork Confusion (as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in May '05 JETFuel

Another tale of Haruko...

a story of miscommunication and misunderstanding


"Sherry" Strikes Again (as Sherry Rhodes)

First published in May '05 JETFuel

Never, ever, trust those hard-boiled eggs.



All articles are copyright (Adele Mariette), so please don't reproduce them in part or in whole without my permission.



*"Why oh why" you may well ask yourselves, "does the Cavegirl need a pen name?"  Well, the reason is simple:  I've written a few articles for JETFuel, our local JET mag, which gets delivered to work.  Many of my teachers can read English (even if they can't speak it when sober)...