(01/11/04 - 30/11/04)


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Meal out in Sabae to meet Flick's Mum.
A really good meal, lots of alcohol...swiftly followed by a karaoke session and more alcohol.  All in good company, too.  What more could you ask for?!
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Pizza and Wine Party
A very chilled evening, with pizza, wine and friends....  Thanks to all who came :)
Changing of the leaves, and making flutes
Tom and I had an early start this morning as we drove out to Izumi to admire the beautiful scenery...and also make Japanese flutes.  It was a really interesting experience, even if our teacher was despairing when she tried to teach us how to play our new flutes!

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44th Fukui Ken English Oratorical Contest For Senior High Schools!
Like last year, I helped Aoyama-sensei make arrangements.  A HUGE thank you to the ALTs (and Tom) who acted and judges and chairpeople - you did a fantastic job guys, making this year's contest better than last!
10/11/04 - 14/11/04  
Yes, it can be done.  We invested a lot of time into juicing...ate only fresh fruit and raw veggies...and felt absolutely no different at the end of it...!
Lecture and demo lessons at Jin-ai Girl's Senior High School
Although not really relevant to my situation, it was good to get an afternoon off work ;)  (which must also have been in the minds of two of my JTEs, who also attended!)
21/11/04 - 23/11/04    
I was very fortunate to be able to go back to Hiroshima with Tom.  It's such a fab city, I just couldn't stay away!  ;)

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25/11/04 - 26/11/04   
ALT Mid-year Conference
We're very lucky in Fukui to have a great group of people - the conference was really interesting, and actually quite helpful!  (Thanks to the people that came to our workshop - hope you found it useful!  And a HUGE thank you to our Kencho Alt, Jazz,  for all her hard work making the MYC a success!).
Powa Howa & the party after the MYC
Drink...and lots of it.  Fun times!
Unfortunately, due to a technology malfunction (i.e. I forgot to charge the batteries in the camera), I only have a few pics of the event.  If anyone has some they could send me, it would be much appreciated!
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Mugenkyo Taiko Concert in Takefu
Mugenkyo is a professional British Taiko group, and this was a bit of a homecoming for them - the two founding members lived in Fukui for 2 years (one of them was a JET in Takefu), and they learned taiko here.  We were very privileged to see them perform with their Taiko sensei!  The concert was absolutely fabulous (although those with a hangover from the night before may disagree with me).



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