(01/10/04 - 31/10/04)


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Enkai to celebrate end of school festival
Lots of eating, lots of drinking...a traditional Japanese works do.

We couldn't find the cosmos fields last year, so we redoubled our efforts this year...

09/10/04 - 11/10/04   
Tom and I spent a long weekend in the smallest of Japans four main islands.  We visited a fertility shrine, and a sex museum.  We went on a boat trip, and explored "many beautiful nature".  We stayed one night in a ryokan and enjoyed a wonderful home-cooked Japanese dinner, and the other night in a capsule hotel after having enjoyed the delights of a fabulous Thai restaurant!

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Haruko Open Day
It's Saturday, and I'm stuck at work.  Grrr.  Still, I get Monday off  ;)
Enkai at Sanzenri
Remember this from last year?  A party at a Korean restaurant for the Haruko teachers to celebrate putting on the play. 
(i.e. any excuse for a piss-up)
Tom's Birthday
Thanks to everyone who came to Swing and Base to celebrate Tom's birthday!  And respect due to those who made it on to the karaoke session at Big Echo afterwards!

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Kri's Birthday Party
Sporting a rather large hangover, we made it out nonetheless to celebrate at Zenya's for Kri's birthday.  O-tanjoubi o-medeto!
Bento Lunch Meeting for female teachers
Have no idea what the meeting was about, but the food was good!



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