(01/09/04 - 30/09/04)


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Opening Ceremony
Wow!  Has it really been a year since I gave my speech in Japanese, introducing myself to the students?!


Back to Shodo
Yup, Japanese calligraphy has re-started!


Lewis' and Celeste's Birthday Bash in Asahi
My first real chance to meet some of the new JETs...!

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Drinks at Swing and Base
Just another excuse to go out!


Pot Luck Dessert Party at Matt T's
Matt can cook.  Very well.  Yum!

Two earthquakes rock Fukui in the space of 5 hours
These were the first definite earthquakes I've felt since being in Japan.  The first one occurred while we were at Matt's, and shook the apartment building for quite a long time.  The second happened after we got back to our apartment, and although it wasn't as strong as the first, was still pretty intimidating.  


Another earthquake rocks Fukui
It wasn't as strong as the two yesterday - and I didn't actually feel it (I was driving at the time, and my little k-plate is pretty bumpy as it is!)


Typhoon Songda hits Fukui
And we got an afternoon off work because of it.  This is the worst typhoon to his Fukui since I've been here.


Tom's sister (Clare) arrived in Fukui
...and we went out for a meal and drinks at Swing and Base


Bike ride and Rock Climbing gym
It was a beautiful morning, so I hopped on my bike and cycled about 24km (getting rather sunburned in the process).  Fields of rice are being harvested at the moment, and it was really peaceful along by the river.

This afternoon I went to the rock climbing gym in Fukui, with Mary, Flick, Kri and Jose.  Against all odds, I did manage to climb the first wall...twice...but the second wall remained undefeated.  There are 50 walls in total.  Hmmm...this could take a while.

Birthday Bash at Propeller
To celebrate Jayme, Jake and Ben's birthdays (and anyone else born in September), we headed to Propeller in Katamachi.  Nomi-hodai all round.  Nice.  Thanks for organising it, guys.


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After a pancake breakfast at Jose's, Clare, Tom and I drove to Eiheiji and then on to Heisenji.

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Tom organised a meal at Tengu in order to introduce Clare to some of our friends in Fukui.

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Tom organised a meal at Tengu in order to introduce Clare to some of our friends in Fukui.

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19/09/04 - 20/09/04

GIFU:  White water rafting, shower climbing and generally exploring

A crowd of us left Fukui for Gifu, to enjoy the fun of white water rafting and shower climbing.  Although I did do the rafting (which was excellent fun), I didn't feel well enough to do the climbing the following day.  Matt and I explored the surrounding area instead.

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Shower climbing and exploring photos


23/09/04 - 26/09/04


Flick, Mary and I made the most of an extra-long weekend, and headed down south to Hiroshima.

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28/09/04 - 01/10/04

Haruko's School Festival

The festival was kick-started with a staff play (yes, I took part!), and involved other events such as "Play Land" where students got to devise and test out games of skill and cunning, karaoke, an eating relay, a rock band, lots of food, and a sports day.

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