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The information contained on this page is correct for the period I was living in Japan (July 2003 - July 2005)...



About Me - me, and my placement on the JET Programme

About Japan - general details

About Fukui - again, general details


About me


Who am I , anyway???:

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Adele Mariette

When was I born?: 09/03/81
Where was I born?: Jersey, Channel Islands (near France)
Which school did I go to?: Jersey College for Girls
Which Uni did I go to?: University of Bristol
What did I graduate in?: Masters in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (upper-second)
Marital Status:

Long term relationship

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That's me with my partner, Caveman Tom!

When was I living in Japan: 27th July 2003 - 27th July 2005 
(stayed in Japan travelling until 5th August 2005)
Where did I live?: Fukui Prefecture (Fukui City)
Where did I teach?:

Harue Senior High School 

   - technical high school in Harue town

   - curriculum involves electronics, mechanics, auto-mechanics, information systems, etc

   - ~460 students

   - 96% of students are male


About Japan

See the map


~125 million

Time Difference:

GMT +9hrs


~378,000 kmē


Eastern Asia.

An island chain between the North Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, east of the Korean Peninsula.

Geographic Co-ordinates: 36 00N, 138 00E

Shinto and Buddhist - 84%

Christian - 0.7%

Other - 15.3%

Capital: Tokyo
Administrative divisions: 47 Prefectures
Main Islands: Hokkaido, Kyushu, Honshu, Shikoku
Emperor: Emperor Akihito
Prime Minister: Junichiro Koizumi
Majority Party: Liberal Democratic Party

About Fukui

Population: ~829,000
Time Difference: GMT +9hrs
Area: 4,188 kmē

Central Honshu.

Western coast, opposite Tokyo.

Capital: Fukui City
Geographical Topography:

East: ascending geographical topography with mountain ranges, contains the Fukui Plain.

West: subsiding topography, formed by hilly mountains and narrow plains. 

75% of the area is covered by forests.

The coastline extends over 400km.


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