Article first published in July 2004's edition of JETFuel

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Me, at a Uni ball in 2002, showing off my assets

while rather drunk...


By “Sherry Rhodes”

That got your attention, didn’t it?!


Yes.  Breasts.  I have the fortune to be blessed with a pair.  Quite a sizeable pair, in fact.  Larger than Jordan .  The former-model, not the country.  Now that would be impressive…


They don’t do tricks or anything.  To be quite honest, they’re rather boring.  They just sort of sit there all day, not doing much.  Unless I jump up and down a bit.


I think I’ve had all the comments (and insults) one can have about large breasts.  I’ve been hearing them for years and it’s never bothered me. 


Now, back home I have to admit my assets get rather a lot of attention – both positive and negative.  But since coming to Japan , I’ve been surprised to see that no-one really looks at them here.  It wasn’t at all what I’d been expecting.


My san-nensei1 class last year had a brief conversation with me about breasts once.  They weren’t being rude, or anything.  But boys will be boys, and they had a few important questions.  Mostly about the mystery of sports bras, and why Japanese girls get angry if you ask them what size they are.  I think they were taking notes.


So imagine my surprise when the following happened:


We’ve let our students loose with video cameras.  They’re making their own commercials and generally being creative.


During one class I noticed a group seemed to be filming the lesson.  Then I realised they were only filming me (lurking in the dark, shadowy corner).  They were filming for quite some time.


You know what’s coming next.


At the end of class when all the kids had left, two JTEs2 and I were looking through the films and copying them onto the network.  It’s worth pointing out at this stage that both JTEs are male.  JTE #1 is in his late 30s, I guess, and we get on well (when he’s not being intense).  JTE #2 is my new supervisor.  He’s 23.  He’s had 5 hours teaching experience, and isn’t a qualified teacher yet.


We came to the video of me.


It started off innocently enough pointing at my face.  But after, oh, a nanosecond or so, fixed on my breasts.  And stayed there.  For about 3 minutes.  Actually, it was longer than that, but JTE #1 in command of the PC only managed to regain control of his limbs after 3 minutes, and stopped the film copying onto the network. 


During the viewing the two men just sat there.  Paralysed.  I’ve never seen anyone look so shocked.  Their jaws actually dropped open in disbelief.  It was like looking at a traffic accident (not that my breasts actually look like a traffic accident), they couldn’t look away.


After JTE #1 managed to stop the film, both of them simultaneously very slowly turned to face me, sporting horrified expressions.  I was cracking up behind them.  I couldn’t stop sniggering.

For the first time in a long time, my breasts had been noticed!  They were in the limelight!


Not quite sure what the kids were trying to advertise, though…


1. Third-grade (students aged 17 & 18)

2. Japanese Teacher of English



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