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Here are some pics of my flat-mates from uni...enjoy 
(there are some random photos of friends at the bottom, too)




Well, first up...ME


Ms Adele Mariette (MEng (Electrical and Electronic), MIEE)

Born cynic.

Originally from that little rock just off the coast of

France, unknown to most, called Jersey.



This photo, by the way, was taken in a photo booth as I was trying to

get my hair to sit right for the photo.  As you can see, I failed.  


What is she doing now? 

Um...if you don't know this, then you haven't looked

at my site very closely...



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499 x 441




Thomas Westley Esq. (MEng (Electrical and Electronic), MIEE)

Born optimist.

Originally from Birmingham 

(well, you can't have it all...!)



Oh, and on top of all that, he's my partner ;)


What is he doing now? 

See above!



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336 x 369




Anindo Hazra Esq. (MA (English))

Our friend from Calcutta.  

Full of wit, guile and um....

(we love you really, Andy!)


What is he doing now? 

living in Canada


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454 x 475



Miss Anne Workman (MEng(Computer Systems))

From Dursley.  Proud owner of the Annie Tank Mk 3.  

Likes having quiet nights at home.  Yeah, right! 


What is she doing now?

Living in Winchester and working for IBM

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466 x 379





Miss Gillian Bernadt (BA (Geography)).  Born to travel.  So why is

she working?!


What is she doing now?

Living it up in the capital



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363 x 495





Mrs Suzanne Callaway (MSc (Geography)) (nee Eastwood)

  Looks sweet and innocent?  If you see her with a big stick,

run away very fast!  Not only does she do Martial Arts, 

Suzy's also a member of the Union Security team.


What is she doing now?

Married to Dan



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311 x 267




Mr Daniel Callaway (MEng (Computer Science)).  Not strictly a 

flatmate,  but he seemed to be around quite a lot...!


What is he doing now?

Married to Suzy



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700 x 462

Bristol flatmates meet some Jersey friends.

Suzy, Anne, Andrew, Tom, me, Simon (with pint)

Sept 2002

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700 x 462

Bristol friends at Corbiere, Jersey

Anne, Dan, Suzy

Sept 2002

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700 x 462

Giles and Carolyn at our celebratory end-of-exams

meal at Thai Classic

June 2003

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700 x 462

A very happy Mark at Thai Classic

June 2003


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462 x 700

A very dapper looking gentleman.  Would you trust

this man with your PC?!

Giles, getting ready to go to The Rocky Horror Show


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462 x 700

Sorry Olly, had to include this one.  But you DO look

good in drag!!!

Outfit courtesy of Olly's girlfriend, Beth.

Olly, getting ready to go to The Rocky Horror Show


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