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Giles and Olly getting prettified ready for the ball...

(where's the fairy godmother? - I think Olly needs a hand

with the bow tie!)


As always, I have loads more photos of 
this event - if you want them, or want
larger versions of the photos shown here
then drop me a line!
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Leigh Court in all it's glory.

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Tom and myself with the Myrtle Road crowd.

Back row from left: Mark, Ben, Tom

Front row from left: Giles, Beth, Olly, me

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The Boys

Back row from left: Ben, Tom, Mark

Front row from left: Olly, Giles

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The Girls

From left: Carolyn, Beth, me


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Olly and Beth posing on the steps of Leigh Court

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Giles and Carolyn posing on the steps of Leigh Court

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Adele and Tom posing on the steps of Leigh Court


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Not sure why Olly's looking so smug, but I think Giles is on

to him...
Olly, Giles and Ben




Just for fun!!!  Take a closer look.  These were done professionally at the Ball...we thought they were quite funny!


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Not quite Pierce Brosnan...but Tom 
was quite pleased to try a new hair colour...

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Carolyn, Beth and myself as Charlie's Angels

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Yes, this is what I REALLY look like. 




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