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On the 8th July 2003, the moment that we'd all worked so hard towards for four years finally arrived - graduation!  Somehow, the four years of hard slog seemed almost worth it!!!  Don't believe everything you read about students slacking off - some of us worked damn hard. 

Here's to a Masters degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering!

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Tom and I
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Giles and Harry on the steps of the Wills Memorial Building

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Giles, Harry and Olly talk to Dr Holliday

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Tom and Giles
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Mum and Dad looking proud (tired?)
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Mum and I at the Marriott Royal!

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Me with my family

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Tom with his family

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The garden party

As always, I have loads more photos of this event -
 if you want them, or want larger versions of the photos shown here then drop me a line!

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