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Really REALLY pointless
JET (and non-JET) Japan Blogs
Websites of friends back home
Last Minute and Online Bookings
Work Related (Teaching)
Work Related (Engineering)
News and Weather, etc
Other timewasters
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Website links
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Links to  other sites...


Links to the British Embassy in Japan, as well as the British Council, amongst others
Currency converter
Find your latitude and longitude, where ever you are.
Ever wondered if a celebrity is dead or alive?  This is the website for you.
Internet Movie Database
Possibly the most useful website on the internet.  Can't remember the name of an obscure (or not so obscure) actor?  Wonder what else he/she has been in?  Need details on a particular movie/sitcom/soap/drama/documentary?  Basically this site has it all. 





The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board - everything you could ever want to know about asparagus...




Caveman Tom's homepage - updated from time to time, and definitely worth keeping an eye on!
(2003-2005 Non-JET)


Bran's homepage 
(2003-2004 Fukui JET)
(A good account of Bran's experiences in Japan!)

The Funky Drummer

Sam's homepage (2004 - 2006 Fukui JET)
(A very good blog, regularly updated)

An Englishman in Nyu-gun

Lewis' homepage (2004 - 2006 Fukui JET)
(another good blog, regularly updated)




Anne Workman's homepage

Giles Moss' homepage
Olly Ansell and Beth Fisher's homepage




Official JET website
National Association of JETs (possibly one of the messiest and most difficult to navigate websites I've ever seen...)


Fukui JET's Homepage

Fantastic website for JETs

"I Think I'M Lost" - a great resource for new JETs

Great deals for JETs



Seismic Monitor
Up to date details about seismic activity around the world
Weather Underground
Typhoon prediction/mapping
Japan Natural Disaster Warning Page
(in Japanese)
 A very useful site - you can use Babelfish, etc, to translate and get the gist of what's going on.  Updated in the event of an emergency, with pages devoted to each region.
The Echizen English Centre (EEC)
Specialise in English classes for all ages and abilities, as well as translation and interpretation projects.  (Plus, Tom works there...!)
(Jim Breen's) Japanese-English Dictionary Server
Not sure what your students (or JTE) have just said to you?  Check it out here.  A very good online Japanese-English dictionary.  (Allows romaji input)
a really great guide for people living and travelling in Japan.

linking young people in Japan and the UK

Some useful info for tourists in Japan


International Tourist Centre of Japan - details of places to stay all over Japan

good general Japan website, with some good ideas for activities and games for teaching kids English

A great resource for people trying to learn Japanese (including Kanji)

Enjoyed the Students' Words of Wisdom?  Want more?  Check out this extensive collection of genuine Engrish
In English, with lovely graphics.  Honest.
To Live in Fukui
A useful resource if you're living in Fukui, including what to do in case of emergency.
Fukui International Club
The everyday comings and goings of Fukui City's very own International Club.  If you want to yosakoi, do power yoga, be involved in the rice harvest...this is the site for you (mostly in Japanese)
Movie Times in Fukui
In Japanese, but very useful nonetheless!
Fukui International Activities Plaza homepage, with some useful info about living in Fukui
From hiring a car in Japan, to finding hotels, etc...check this site out.
Studio Shiki
Get dressed as a Maiko in Gion, Kyoto, and have a series of professional photos taken.
Mugenkyo is a professional British taiko group, who's two founding members lived (and learned taiko) in Fukui.  They now also have a taiko school.  I've seen Mugenkyo perform, and they are fantastic!




News and more from The Rock

Jersey's official BBC website

Jersey Tourism's official website

The JCG website (my old school)

The JCG Old Girls Association website

Informative site about Jersey Milk (you can also sort out your milk deliveries here, if you're in Jersey)

Can you believe we can actually get Jersey milk in Japan?!





University of Bristol

My old uni


Faculty of Engineering

My old faculty


Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering

My old department

Things to do and see in Bristol

News and more, from Bristol




Good deals for young travellers

Another useful resource...

This site has some fab. hotel deals, etc.

All about Thailand

Need a hotel somewhere in Asia?  Check out this website

Lonely Planet online.  A whole load of info about travelling - no matter where in the world you want to go.


The Thorn Tree

Lonely Planet discussion board...lots of useful info from fellow travellers.

You know the travel books...well, check out the website

Practical Nomad

Edward Hasbrouck is a trained travel agent with a lot of experience with round-the-world and budget travel.  His book is good, and the website is useful, too.

National Geographic

If you don't know about National Geographic...where have you been?!  (particularly good: Adventure and Exploration)

Monkey Business Shrine

For all your Trans-Siberian Train travelly needs.  The website isn't particularly user-friendly, but I (so far...) I highly recommend this company.




BA - should they be painting the tail fins back to the standard colours?  I kinda liked the modern art approach!

formerly British Midland (low cost airline)

British European (Flybe)  (low cost airline)

Another Channel Island company, linking the Channel Islands (and the south of England).  High prices, but interesting planes!



Last Minute and Online Bookings

Comprehensive flight searches, and more

As above...

As above...

As above...

Smarter Travel

As above...




good general Japan website, with some good ideas for activities and games for teaching kids English

Aids in Japan 
(AIDS education for the EFL Classroom)


ESL About

another good TEFL website


Three Wise Monkeys

more lesson plans than you can shake a stick at!

has a word search maker amongst other things - a great resource for those difficult lessons!

Children's Book Characters

Quite a good resource if you want to funk up your handouts...especially for younger kids





The Institute of Engineering and Technology
(formerly the IEE)


The Women's Engineering Society

WISE (Women in Science and Engineering)




Where would we be without the BBC?!

A good world news site

Current news written in a very simple style.  Great for using with the students!



Weather for around the world, from the BBC


Weather Underground

Doesn't actually give the weather underneath the is a really useful global weather forecast site, though.

"The website of Harper's Magazine, an American journal of literature, politics, culture, and the arts published continuously from 1850"



Mince pies   (almond short crust pastry recipe)
The site was down last time I checked
Cornish Pasty recipe (to be tried)
Jersey Bean Crock recipe Very traditional Jersey recipe.  Works very well, even if you have to make a few substitutions (although I did manage to find pig trotters in Japan...)
Jersey Black Butter recipe NOTE:  not butter (to be tried)
A Chef's Help (might be useful?)
Boiled Fruit Cake Used this as my Christmas cake recipe in Japan (for two Christmases).  I made about 5 or 6 cakes in the end (but I have to admit, I adapted the recipe in include copious amounts of alcohol...)




on-line translation service.
Hours of fun translating English to Japanese then back again! (it helps if you can read a few kanji so you can use the page...)

some funny bits and pieces.  
The Caveman loves this website!



funny cartoony type thing


Weebl and Bob

just the best online cartoon ever!

Loads and loads of simple, fun online games


More online games (but I have to admit...most are pretty rubbish)



A scarily addictive game (I think, anyway).  A bit cutesy...but very good.  

Legend of Red Dragon (L.O.R.D.)

THE classic BBS game.  Fabulous!  (I used to play this on BBSs, before the internet even vaguely resembled what it is today!)

The Sheep Game

Like sheep?  Or just bored?  Check this cool game!


An online version of Pictionary 

Copter Game

A very addictive but very simple game





larger sized bras, pretty undies and more!

The Keeper

If you're a woman - buy one.  If you're a man - tell your bird to get one.  The Keeper is the best invention I have ever encountered - I can't recommend it highly enough.  Think of the reduced hassle, the savings, and the environment.  (Any questions, drop me a line!).  You may need to shop around for the best online deal.

books, DVDs, videos, etc

computery bits and other wonderful technology

good deals on computery bits


The British Export Grocer

Good Ol'  food from home!  (Expensive, but worth it from time to time!)

just about everything (especially those hard-to-find western foods), delivered to your door.  Great for an occasional binge!





Free online animated gifs (beware of pop-ups!)


Gif animations

More free online animated gifs (beware of pop-ups!)

Need a counter for your website?  Look no further!






Yup...the infamous, annoying as hell web-based mail service




We've been Googled!

Another useful search engine




TV listings for GB, and more

Need to know what's on and where in the UK...check this great site out!

If you don't know what Facebook is, which cave have you been hiding in?

Get in touch with those long-lost buddies...or just check out what they're up to!


Another place to look up people you know...





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