July 2005 - September 2005

Last Updated: 26/01/06


After two years of living in Japan, we decided it was time to see a bit of the world...


...so, following hot on the heels of Phase 1: The Japan Experience came Phase 2: The Long Route Home.  Which is it in a nutshell.  The Route involved a boat to China and a train from China, through Mongolia and Russia to Moscow, up to St Petersberg, on to Estonia, then home.  Where we're have a bit of a breather to plan (and save for) Phase 3: Wanderlust!


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"Phase 2: The Long Route Home" begins  (we leave Fukui)

22/07/05 - 27/07/05 Final Honshu travels - Ise, Osaka, etc


Flight from Osaka to Okinawa (Ishigaki)


Flight from Okinawa (Ishigaki) to Osaka  (a day early due to approaching typhoon)


Lft Japan!  (Boat to China) (including sailing through the tail-end of the typhoon)


Arrived Shanghai (in the aftermath of the typhoon - yup, it hit Shanghai, too)

07/08/05 - 30/08/05

Explored China! (including Shanghai, Xi'an and Beijing.  From the Great Wall to dead dogs)

 30/08/05 - 31/08/05

TRANS-MONGOLIAN  (Beijing - Ulaan Baatar, Mongolia) 

 31/08/05 - 04/09/05

Mongolia exploration (Ulaan Baatar, and doing a homestay in a ger)

04/09/05 - 06/09/05

TRANS-MONGOLIAN (Ulaan Baatar - Irkutsk, Russia) 

 06/09/05 - 10/09/05

Irkutsk and Lake Baikal exploration 

 10/09/05 - 12/09/05

TRANS-MONGOLIAN (Irkutsk - Ekaterinberg)

12/09/05 - 16/09/05

Ekaterinberg exploration (incl. rafting and hiking etc) 

 16/09/05 - 17/09/05

TRANS-MONGOLIAN (Ekaterinberg - Moscow)

17/09/05 - 23/09/05

Moscow exploration

 23/09/05 - 24/09/05

Night train, Moscow to St Petersberg

 24/09/05 - 27/09/05

St Petersberg exploration 


St Petersberg to Tallinn, Estonia (by bus)


Flight from Estonia to London Standsted


Flight from London Gatwick to Jersey (Adele) / Back to Belbroughton by train, etc (Tom)

End September - Early February

Brief Stop-off at home...

Early February 2006

We set off on the World Travels (Phase 3 begins)



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