5 February 2006 - 16 May 2006


Last Updated: 07/06/06


Following close on the heels of Phase 1: The Japan Experience and Phase 2: The Long Route Home came Phase 3: Wanderlust!  See the itinerary


We'd originally planned to head off for a year, but having lived abroad for two years, and travelled for three and a half months already, we decided to pick a few places off our extensive wish list of destinations (Phase 4: Travels From Base Camp is already on the drawing board).  Making the choices was relatively easy, and there was only one place on our final list we couldn't get to (Tibet), due to issues with the tickets we got.  (That will definitely be part of Phase 4!!!)


Tom and I have been planning our travels since Uni (long before we heard about JET)...it was so exciting to finally do it!!!



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05/02/06 Fly from London to Amman, Jordan
05/02/06 - 12/02/06 Explore Jordan, including Amman, Petra, Wadi Rum, Aqabar, Dahab...and a camel trek into the desert
12/02/06 Overland to Cairo, Egypt
12/02/06 - 20/02/06 Explore Egypt!
20/02/06 Fly from Cairo to Bangkok, Thailand 
20/02/06 - 15/03/06 Explore Thailand, Cambodia & Laos
15/03/06 Fly from Bangkok to Hong Kong
15/03/06 - 18/03/06 Explore Hong Kong
18/03/06 - 19/03/06 Fly from Hong Kong to Easter Island 
19/03/06 - 23/03/06 Explore Easter Island
23/03/06 Fly from Easter Island to Santiago, Chile
24/03/06 Fly from Santiago to La Paz, Bolivia
24/03/06 - 16/04/06 Explore Bolivia and Peru, including Lake Titicaca, Nazca Lines an Macchu Picchu. Travel overland to Lima, Peru
16/04/06 Fly from Lima, Peru to Ecuador
17/04/06 Fly from Ecuador to Galapagos Islands (then get on a boat!)
17/04/06 -20/04/06 Explore Galapagos Islands
20/04/06 Fly from Galapagos Islands to Ecuador
20/04/06 - 24/04/06 Explore Ecuador
24/04/06 Fly from Ecuador to Dallas
25/04/06 Fly from Dallas to LA
25/04/06 - 02/05/06 Explore LA etc; drive to Phoenix to surprise mum!
02/05/06 Fly from LA to Toronto
02/05/06 - 06/05/06 Explore Toronto, etc
06/05/06 Fly from Toronto to Chicago
06/05/06 - 09/05/06 Explore Chicago
09/05/06 Fly from Chicago to Washington DC
09/05/06 - 15/05/06 Explore Washington DC, etc
15/05/06 Fly from Washington DC to London
16/05/06 Arrived back in London, travelled up to Bristol, and started the search for Base Camp
17/05/06 Planning for Phase 4 began(!)



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