16 May 2006 ~ ???


Last Updated: 10/01/10


With Phase 1: The Japan Experience, Phase 2: The Long Route Home and Phase 3: Wanderlust!  out of the way, it was time to start work on Phase 4: Travels From Base Camp.

The first problem, of course, was that we arrived back well-travelled but homeless... and so the search began for Base Camp.  We had actually started looking for places online while we were still in D.C., and it took less than two weeks once we got back to make the final arrangements for our castle, get the keys, and move in.  We're planning to be based here in the South West for a while now...

Things are no less exciting now we're back.  In fact, we're just as busy as when we were travelling - keeping the momentum up, at least!  We've done some travelling since being here (most notably to India, Gambia, Budapest, Roermond, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, the Cook Islands, back to Japan, and around the UK too).  As always, there are other big projects in the pipeline!


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