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Well, here it is - the archive of photos from my time in Japan on the JET Programme...


IMPORTANT NOTE:  All photos of Japan on this site are ones I have taken personally, or have been taken by friends using my camera (unless otherwise indicated)


Please feel free to download any pictures from this site, but if you put them on another website or use them in any other way I'd be very grateful if you could give me a mention!!!


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YEAR 1: 
July 2003 - July 2004
YEAR 2: 
August 2004 - Present
July 2003
The month of introduction to Japan, and orientations
August 2003
The month of getting settled, festivals, cockroaches, and...FUJI-SAN!
August 2004
The month of travelling in Japan with Mum, and returning to Fukui...
September 2003
The month of the teachers' play...
September 2004
 The month of birthdays, adventures and 
the school festival
October 2003
The month of  more dancing, festivals and cockroaches, and TOM'S ARRIVAL!
  October 2004  
The month of cosmos, more travelling and Tom's birthday 

November 2003
The month of more partying, more exploring, and KYOTO!

November 2004  
The month of kouyou and Power Hour

December 2003
The month of my parents visiting, Christmas celebrations, and SNOW!

 December 2004
The month of school festivals, caroling
Christmas, and THAILAND!

January 2004
The month of my parents' departure, more snow, and KOBE!

January 2005
The month of fabulous sunsets and SNOW!
February 2004
The month of More Snow, Fire Festivals and NAKED MEN!
February 2005
The month of snow, snow, more snow, drink and the SAGICHO festival
March 2004
The month of Haruko graduation, TOKYO and OKINAWA!
March 2005
The month of festivals, graduations, a play, a BEARD, and...more snow
April 2004
The month of cherry blossoms, exploring Fukui, and the CAR RALLY!
April 2005 
The month of fools and MONKEYS, of farewells, of ALCOHOL, of HANAMI
May 2004
The month of Golden Week and our GARDEN!
May 2005 
The month of Obama, azaleas, and ANNIE'S VISIT
June 2004
The month of camping, the Tokyo conference, Nere's closing and YUKATA!
 June 2005
The month of tea and posters
July 2004
The month of partying and parting.
Of MOUNT FUJI (again), of FLOODING IN FUKUI, of MAIKO and of goodbyes.
 July 2005
The month of GOODBYES



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