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A few photos of various events etc, from my life before and between travelling and living abroad!


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Events in Britain


 Geography Ball 2002

 Graduation Ball 2003

 Graduation (2003)
Suzy and Dan's Engagement Party (2003)

My leaving party, London (summer 2003)

Back in Jersey - week 1 (summer 2004)

Suzy's Hen Party (summer 2004)

A night out in Jersey (summer 2004)
The Callaway-Eastwood Wedding (summer 2004)
More adventures in England (summer 2004)
Dad's Harley! (summer 2004)
The Return (29/09/05 - 03/02/06)
Phase 4: Base Camp (26/05/06 - Present)



Other Places, Other Times



The Rock.  Home.

Uni Times.  Too much work and alcohol.





  Me and Tom

Mum and Dad

 Uni Flatmates and Friends



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