19 December 2004

Last Updated: 21/12/04


A group of us pulled together to bring some amusement to some of Ota's elderly...by singing ("slightly" out of tune) carols!  We had no rehearsals...we had no starting note...we had no rhythm...but we gave it our best shot!  


Thankfully we only had time to do four songs, but our audience seemed to enjoy it - so much so, that one of the residents managed a "SANK YU" in Engrish.


Nici - the brains behind the operation, and Adam - who set it up, both deserve a HUGE thank you.  So...  THANK YOU.  Have a mikan.  

For a fuller version of the story and more pics, check out Lewis' site.



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Oh dear!

From left: Adam, Nici, Chris, Tom, Lewis, Me, Dave...and in the front: Sarah!
(sorry Sarah...but it had to be done!!!)


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Sarah demonstrates the sophistication of our 
100 yen Santa hats...

...and Tom shows just how classy tinsel can be...

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Nici and Dave - his and hers matching hats and tinsel

Lewis and Adam (notice Adam's extra-special two-tone tinsel!)

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Happy Carolers!

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That's better, guys!
 Nici and the Brits 




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