26 December 2004 - 01 January 2005

Last Updated: 08/01/05

Thailand was absolutely incredible!  We spent two full days in Chiang Mai, and the rest of the time in Bangkok.  Thailand is high on the list of places Tom and I are going (back) to during our year travelling...

Highlights included: riding elephants, visiting a floating market, tuktuks, night markets, food, alcohol, street vendors, and the very happy, cheerful people of Thailand (and that's even despite the awful tsunami which affected the south).  


I took so many photos my camera ran out of memory...so here's a brief selection: Thailand in 20 photos.  

As a side note: for new year we went on the Loy Nava dinner cruise.  Click to find out why you shouldn't waste your money!


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First tuktuk ride!

Proving I am not a complete dunce with languages

I managed to learn the Thai phrase for:

"may I take your photo". 

Typically, these monks spoke perfect English!

The tall guy is dressed "formally", while the little guy is dressed

"informally".   The monks were really lovely, and were
happy to show us round their

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Sunset at one of the wats (temples)

Mum, impressed by the size of this old chedi

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Detail on a chedi in Chiang Mai

Mum, impressed by the size of this reclining
Buddha in Chiang Mai

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 Tom at an Orchid and Butterfly farm in Chiang

Nice hat!

A little Thai boy at an Elephant camp in
Chiang Mai

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The elephants!

I'm extremely pro-animal rights, so don't usually like seeing

animals perform, but I have to admit, these elephants

really seemed to be enjoying themselves.  They seemed

happy and well treated.  I'm no elephant expert, but
these animals certainly seemed to enjoy playing 

football and painting. 

It was obvious they were acting up to the crowds, too!

Mum on an elephant!

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Our view

Tom, enjoying a fresh coconut

(just right in the heat)

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A rather blurred picture of a guy with two 


Tom with a dodgy hat and a python!

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Mmmm...snack time!

(no, we didn't try them)

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Being taught how to make sugar from coconuts

A floating market not far from Bangkok

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A fruit-seller at the floating market

Yummy food from street vendors

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