21 November 2004 - 23 November 2004

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I enjoyed my last visit to Hiroshima so much that I just leaped at the opportunity to go back there again, this time with Tom.  Even at over 75 return (each) via the bullet train!  In contrast, two nights at the Aster Plaza in a Western-style en suite room for both of us cost us around 60 total.  


The weather was absolutely beautiful, and we had a fab time exploring the city - its many sights and sounds (not to mention the bars and restaurants...).  We ate exceptionally well, and drank even better.  If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend a visit to Hiroshima!


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Two obaachan, taking a break

Tom rings the Peace Bell in the Peace Memorial Park.

Soon after this, we were approached by a lovely

Obaasan who prayed (a shinto prayer) for us.


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Tom, feeding some of the very tame wild deer in Miyajima island

The entrance torii to Itsukushima Shine (the floating temple) in Miyajima

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Tom, looking rather happy!



The changing of the leaves in Miyajima was absolutely stunning.  I've never seen anything like the colours.  The experience was phenominal.

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There are Japanese Maple trees all over Miyajima, which at this time of year (especially) are breath-taking

Tom, admiring the view of the sea from the top of the mountain in Miyajima


The weather was perfect, and we'd just enjoyed a lunch of fresh, baked oysters

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Sitting in the sun in Miyajima - Tom and I take a break!

The sign reads:

"10 min walk (7 if run a little) to ropeway stn."


Well...it made us chuckle...

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The torii at high tide   

Hiroshima castle - one of the biggest and most impressive Japanese donjons I've seen

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Us, posing in front of Hiroshima castle

Me, on the boat back from Miyajima

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At the main part of Itsukushima shrine

Enjoying the weather!

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