19 October 2003

Last Updated: 22/03/04

There is a scheme in Fukui where JETs are allocated (if they want) to a Japanese Family (or vice versa, however you want to look at it).  Basically it's just another point of contact, and a great opportunity to learn about life and culture here in Japan (and a good excuse to go out and have a good time).


"Hajimemashite" (pronounced: ha-ji-me-ma-sh-te) is the Japanese word used when meeting someone for the first time.  Where the English might say:  "Hello, My name is Bob.  Pleased to meet you", the Japanese would say "Hajimemashite.  Bob to moshimasu.  Dozo yoroshiku onegaishimasu".  


So there you go. 


Anyway, these photos were taken at the Hajimemashite party, where most JETs met their families for the first time.  We were given the opportunity to play taiko, and we also danced the macarena...



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dum de-de dum de-de dee de-de dum dum



Mary, Katie, me and Devon "give it a bash"



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More bashing


My group has a go...!


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Emily (in pink) is really going for it!


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