25 October 2003

Last Updated: 22/03/04


Tom and I headed off, in the glorious sunshine (the best weather we've had in a while) to Katsuyama for the food festival at the Dinosaur Museum.  We had every intention of visiting the museum while we were there, but the weather was just too good.  Instead we visited the out-door glories of Heisenji Temple - leaving the Dinosaur Museum for a rainy day.


Incidentally, I did buy some Jersey milk, which was absolutely delicious...and we did enjoy some Jersey Ice Cream, too!



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On the way there...


The large building in the background reportedly

houses Japan's largest indoor buddha.


Something else to come back to Katsuyama for (besides the Jersey

Ice Cream and Jersey Milk)

On the way there...


A Japanese castle, although this one is new.


It's a museum, I believe...and something else to 

come back to Katsuyama for.

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A big dinosaur at the dinosaur museum.

Tom climbing the steps to Heisenji


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Lots of moss and a shrine

Heisenji Temple

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The very top (I think) of the 

Heisenji Temple grounds

A weird spider


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