25 October 2003

Last Updated: 22/03/04

Well, I didn't take many photos, but it was a good evening, nonetheless.  Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks also to those of you who reminded me you owed me for pizza (in future I'll sort the finances our BEFORE getting drunk...!).  I'm very impressed we managed to prove you can fit over 20 people into my apartment!


Katamachi was fun afterwards, too, although sadly I didn't take any photos...


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Enjoying Pizza


From left: Christina, Ruan, Adam, Matt


Christina with friends...!


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"Pink" Emily


Crowd in my kitchen


Not sure what Kara thinks is so funny...!

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Christina, Brandon, a cake, and

many candles!


Tom with his cake and one candle


Adam B doesn't seem impressed!

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Tom looking happier...



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