2 October 2003


Last Updated : 22/03/04


Marvel at the giant roach, which I am now not quite sure what to do with...maybe I can slide one of my fans underneath it, and oik it out the door...


Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite so impressive lying dead under a glass as it did running up the wall by my fridge.  Maybe next time I'll try and take a photo of a live one in all it's glory.  But then again, maybe not.  


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Giant cockroach under a glass, acting dead


(no I don't drink out of this glass.  I give it to guests.  Haha.  

Seriously, though, it's a cracked glass I keep by the door.  It

has many uses - catching beetles, lizards...)

Giant cockroach under glass next to even more

giant can of bug spray.

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