19 October 2003

Last Updated: 22/03/04


Yup, anther Yosakoi performance!  Some of you (not-in-Japan) people keep asking me what Yosakoi is.  Well, I guess it's like a cross between a martial art, line dancing, jazz, modern, tribal, and (in the case of one of the dances we performed here) Riverdance(!).  Anyway, to give you a better idea, I've included some photos of groups...um...Yosakoi-ing...(plus one of my team as well!)


Let's Enjoy Yosakoi!*


*For those of you not familiar with life in Japan - the Japanese are very fond of the English phrase "Let's Enjoy".  The words can be found by themselves, or attached to  some kind of activity (usually spelled wrong).


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Ichigo applying Brandon's makeup


Me with Ichigo, who did my makeup too!


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Us, performing.


Can you find me?  I actually managed to hide

at the back for this performance, but you can

still see me, just about!


Another group performing...


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...and another



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