4 October 2003


Last Updated: 22/03/04


This was just a fun parade in Katamachi.  There were loads of stalls selling various things (including chrysanthemum ice cream - which was actually very nice).  We performed the dance twice, and then did another dance with all the other teams.


Here are the photos I took, although unfortunately there aren't any of the dancing.  I must apologise to those people who's names I don't know, even though I see them every week, and apologies also if I've spelled any names wrong...




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300 x 171


Professional photo of

the International Club Yosakoi Team 

(members who performed in Katamachi)

This has to be, simply, one of the funniest photos I have ever seen of myself!





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225 x 300

Brandon looking rather shocked...


Me, looking lovely in my costume and

face paint...

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Partners in crime.


Brandon and I pose for the camera!


Final rehearsal.


Kazu is peeping out from behind Brandon

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I pose with the my team-mate who was kind

enough to do my makeup


Mother and daughter team 


Nagisa and Kyomi

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From left:  Kyomi, Kazu, me, Brandon and two more 

team mates


Brandon, Nagisa, Kyomi and Kazu

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Nagisa, me, Brandon, Kazu


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