03 October 2004

Last Updated: 25/11/04

We spent many hours last year searching for the fabled Cosmos fields between Fukui City and Harue.  Finally this year, after studying the map again, and doing a bit of detective work (i.e. following a coach) we found them! 

Anyone can go to these fields, wander through the flowers, pick what they want and take them home.  When Tom and I went there were even stalls of festival food, fresh vegetables and other bits and pieces.  


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For a small price you can be ferried around the fields in this! 

The beautiful cosmos


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Tom, looking like he's about to have a nibble...

Tom, with our lovely bunch of cosmos


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An umbrella?  

Yes, it did start to rain...

Tom seeks refuge in the car

with the flowers and 10 yakitori


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