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May 2006 - Present

This page is for photos of what we've been up to since returning from our 3 years of running away  travelling.  We've moved from Base Camp and bought our own place, and still do some travelling! 


The most recent trip was 3 and a bit weeks in India at the end of 2009.  Before that, we spent nearly 2 months visiting Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand and The Cook Islands at the end of 2008/beginning of 2009.  Definitely a great way to celebrate Christmas (swimming in the sea, thanks Vix!!) and New Year (taking a helicopter ride & zorbing).  (The photos from the bigger trips are here:

So...what’s been keeping us busy recently...?



  1. BulletA milestone birthday, lots of celebrations, and a bit of gardening (Mar 2011)

  2. BulletTwo castles, some celebrations, and a cat (Feb 2011)

  3. BulletNot much to show for a lot of hard (but fun) work (Jan 2011)


  1. BulletSnow, Parties, Christmas and New Year (Dec 2010)

  2. BulletThe Lost Month (Nov 2010)

  3. BulletCelebrations: Tom’s 30th, 11 years together, and Beth Visits (Oct 2010)

  4. Bullet Jammy, Sunny, Potterings and Food Galore! (Sept 2010)

  5. BulletMore Festival Time, Visitors from The Rock, some DIY, and ROAD TRIP! (Aug 2010)

  6. BulletFestival Time, Mum visits, RIAT, Garden Produce (Jul 2010)

  7. BulletLots of gardening, a party, Heathrow bar billiards, fete, Rome and Housewarming (Jun 2010)

  8. BulletA walk in the country, Poker Night, and OUR FIRST HOME!!
    (May 2010)

  9. BulletPacking, partying and mini golf(Apr 2010)

  10. BulletReturn to The Rock (Mar 2010)

  11. BulletA reunion, marshmallows, a romantic trip, and a fashion show (Feb 2010)

  12. BulletSnow, Snow, a dinner party, and London Baby! (Jan 2010)


  1. BulletThe India Grand Tour (3 and a half weeks of travels)
    (Dec 2009 - Jan 2010) 
    (Link to Flickr Collection)

  2. BulletPre-Departure Celebrations: The Christmas Tree (Dec 2009)

  3. BulletA (Photographically) Quiet Month (Nov 2009)

  4. BulletAnother Birthday or two, Paris and our 10 Year Anniversary (Oct 2009)

  5. BulletA Birthday, A Brewery, Longleat and Sneaky Cat (Sept 2009)

  6. BulletGardening, BBQs, Toys, and a New Addition to the Family (Aug 2009)

  7. BulletDave & Sarah Get Hitched (Jul 2009)

  8. BulletA very important business meeting at RAF Marham (aka Friends & Family day) (Jul 2009)

  9. BulletMum visits, Soggy Fairford, and a gorgeous southern Indian dinner (Jul 2009)

  10. BulletSai's Birthday, a Beer Festival, Cedar Falls (bliss!), Harvest Time (Jun 2009)

  11. BulletBeer, Tom's Godfather & HGM, Hide & Seek in a big field, BBQ, The Garden (May 2009)

  12. BulletA May Bank Holiday Adventure (May 2009)

  13. BulletHanham Court, Dyrham Park, Longleat, Mum visits, a Deer Encounter, cute meerkats (Apr 2009)

  14. BulletKeynsham Sakura, a brief trip to Jersey, and more sunshine (Mar 2009)

  15. BulletMy Birthday Weekend: London (and Bath)! (Mar 2009)

  16. BulletWork Christmas Party (Feb 2009)

  17. BulletSNOW, B's Birthday, Sunshine, a Walk, a New Toy, and Eden! (Feb 2009)


  1. BulletTime Off For Good Behaviour (a 7 week round-the-world trip)
    (Nov 2008 to Jan 2009)  (Link to Flickr Collection)

  2. BulletA Brief Trip to Jersey, Kittens!, Tom's Birthday, Our Anniversary, Bonfire Night (Oct & Nov 2008)

  3. BulletRoermond, Mum's First Tapas, some cute animals, three festivals, a tor and a new shopping centre (Aug & Sept 2008)

  4. BulletLongleat, Belbroughton, Cotswolds: Rain; RAF Marham, Night Out, BBQ: Sun (Jun & Jul 2008)

  5. BulletShuttleworth, Spa Weekend, a BBQ and a Free Gift (May 2008)

  6. BulletVix Visits, Camera Wars, NT, A Wedding, and a Night Out (Apr 2008)

  7. BulletEaster Potterings (Mar 2008)

  8. BulletThe Westleys & Mariettes celebrate Mother's Day, and my birthday celebrations (Mar 2008)

  9. BulletA sunny walk, Clare visits, a night out, another sunny walk, a bike ride and an abseil (Feb 2008)

  10. BulletNew Year and Budapest (Jan 2008)


  1. BulletBran-chan and Adam, London, a wedding, Cotswold Christmas, Mum and a steam train (Dec 2007)

  2. BulletGambia!  (Nov 2007)

  3. BulletA quick trip to France, partying in Jersey and some beach time (Oct 2007) (Including: Mum's birthday & retirement, Tom's birthday, and our 8 year anniversary!)

  4. BulletBalloons, a wardrobe an ice cream and a train... (Aug & Sep 2007)

  5. BulletA soggy country walk, a housewarming party, a birthday, some planes, a festival or two, the Cotswolds and London... (June & July 2007)

  6. BulletVix's leaving do, Wales and York... (Apr & May 2007)

  7. BulletItaly, Jersey, The Easter Break, Anne's Birthday Lunch (Mar & Apr 2007)

  8. BulletTorquay, Flick & Lew, The Godfather & HGM, and an Engagement Party (Jan & Feb 2007)


  1. BulletBath, Wells (again), Christmas, Jersey and squirrels (Dec 2006)

  2. BulletGlastonbury, Wales, and a night out (Nov 2006)

  3. BulletWells, the Severn Bore, and our anniversary (Oct 2006)

  4. BulletMore of our Jersey holiday (Sept 2006)

  5. BulletJacky & Charles' Wedding (Sept 2006)

  6. BulletMy Cousin & I Visit Jersey! (Sept 2006)

  7. BulletAdele's Leaving Do (Sept 2006)

  8. BulletEllie's Hen Party (Aug 2006)

  9. BulletAdventures around Base Camp (May 2006 - Aug 2006)

  10. BulletMum & Dad Visit (June 2006)

  11. BulletNick & Helen's Wedding (June 2006)

  12. BulletBase Camp (and the surrounding area) (May 2006)

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