Last Updated: 25/05/05


Golden Week, and the final stretch begins...

Obama and beyond...  (30/04/05 - 01/05/05)

Portable shrines and azaleas... (03/05/05)

Luuuurve Hotel (07/05/05)


Anne in Japan, Weekend 1 (13/05/05 - 16/05/05)

(including: Yoda, koi, tea, an emperor, a shrine, a rice field, a night out,

 another shrine, maiko, swords, naked men, a temple, school kids and a castle)


And on to Weekend 2:

We've Pulled!  (Mikuni Festival)  (20/05/05)

A Massage, a meal and a drink (or two) (21/05/05)

Eating paper and making okonomiyaki (no..wait...)  (22/05/05)

Bamboo dolls and an old house (23/05/05)



May's Best Photo

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300 x 225

Annie meets a real maiko 

(trainee geiko - Kyoto geisha)

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