Last Updated:21/05/04

What a great month to be in Japan - Spring Break AND the start of Golden Week!


I made it back more-or-less safely from Okinawa, to find cherry blossom everywhere!  It's nearly all gone now, but the weather has been fabulous this month!  I've had the camera out, and have been enjoying taking pretty snaps in the sunshine.  Enjoy...


Adventures in Okinawa (27/03/04 - 05/04/04)

Sakura in Fukui (06/04/04)

Yokokan Garden near the FIA (09/04/04)

Eiheiji in the spring (10/04/04)

Parade in Fukui (11/04/04)

Early evening walk (11/04/04)

Bike ride - mission Sakura Dori (17/04/04)

Mount Asuwa (18/04/04)

Karaoke (19/04/04)

Reinan Car Rally (24/04/04 - 25/04/04)

Golden Week (29/04/04 - 05/05/04)



April's Best Photo

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Kara and Adam, enjoying a drink after 

the Reinan Car Rally


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