Last Updated: 10/07/04


August has been a month of festivals, festivals and more festivals.  Oh yes, and there was that thing with that mountain...


THE cockroach (06/08/03)

Keitai (09/08/03)

Japanese Language Class (11/08/03 - 16/08/03)

Mikuni Fireworks (11/08/03)

Takefu Festival (13/08/03)

Kyoto (16/08/03)

My Little Subaru (17/08/03)

Takefu Higashi Senior High School Camp (18/08/03 - 19/08/03)

Night of Contract Signing (20/08/03)

FUJI-SAN (23/08/03 - 24/08/03)

Eiheiji Temple (26/08/03)

Imadate, paper making (27/08/03)

Edwina's Party (30/08/03)

International Club China Day  (31/08/03)





August's Best Photo


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300 x 225


Well, there are just so many photos to choose from this month, but

it had to be one from the Mount Fuji climb...!


Disagree with my choice? 

e-mail me and tell me which picture you'd prefer to see here!



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