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Have eaten lots, been ice skating, and had a tour of a nuclear power plant.  Don't have photos of that, though...


Mum came over on the 21st, and Dad followed on the 30th.  We were very busy taking in all that Fukui has to offer.  (Next time they come we'll be going further a-field).


Dad also brought with him my trusty old Cannon camera (which I got when I was about 12, if not younger, and which is still excellent...HURRAY!).  I've had the photos I've taken with my trusty Cannon onto CD, but I'm not going to put my best photos up here...sorry guys!  



Festivus for the Rest of Us  (06/12/03)

Fukui Shougyo's Winter Festival (12/12/03 - 13/12/03)

"Christmas" Cake (15/12/03 - 16/12/03)

Last meal before the Xmas Hols (16/12/03)

Attempt at making a real Christmas cake in Japan (18/12/03)

School Teachers Room (18/12/03)

SNOW (19/12/03)

MORE SNOW (by night)! (20/12/03)

Daytime Snow (20/12/03)

Xmas/Birthday party with some Japanese friends (20/12/03)

On the way to Kansai airport (21/12/03)

Eiheiji Temple in the snow (23/12/03)

Xmas party with the owner of the apartment (23/12/03)

Echizen Bamboo Doll Village (24/12/03)

Christmas Day in Fukui-shi (25/12/03)

Boxing Day in Fukui (Imadate, paper making) (26/12/03)

Maruoka Castle (27/12/03)

MUM'S REVENGE and Heisenji in the snow (27/12/03)

Sanzenri (Korean restaurant) (27/12/03)

Making mochi with International Club (28/12/03)

Echizen coast (29/12/03)

Okonomiyaki (31/12/03)

New Year's Eve party (31/12/03)



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Christina at Festivus

(Well, Christina, I did promise you'd be photo of the month!) 


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