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February began very badly, with me coming down with a bad case of flu (yes, the REAL flu).  But on a happier note, yosakoi restarted, the Valentine's party was excellent, and the  At least, until the sun came out, and gave us about a week of glorious weather!  And then there was that trip to Okayama to see naked men...


More Snow (07/02/04 & 08/02/04)

Party at Mary's (13/02/04)

Valentine's Party at Nana Iro (14/02/04)

Obama (20/02/04)

Arrival in Okayama (21/02/04)

Haddaka Matsuri - naked men festival (Okayama) (21/02/04)

Bike Ride (Okayama) (22/02/04)

Katie's Birthday (25/02/04)

Laura's Birthday (26/02/04)

February Conference (27/02/04)

Bike Ride (Fukui City) (28/02/04)

Katsuyama Fire Festival (29/02/04)



February's Best Photo


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Kara, Me, Neil, Mary, Jose, Christina and Teresa

Enjoying a night at Mary's


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