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February.  Snow.  Drink.

More of the white stuff (01/02/05 - 03/02/05)

An Enkai with a Difference (04/02/05)

A Random Weekend in Kanazawa (12/02/05 - 13/02/05)
A Friday Night at Bear's Bar (18/02/05)

Echizen Coast (20/02/05)

Oh no! More snow (21/02/05)
Guess what?! (26/02/05)

Showa Pre-school Art Exhibition (27/02/05)

Katsuyama Sagicho Festival (27/02/05)

Conference for Returning JETs (28/02/05 - 02/03/05)



February's Best Photo

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"It's experiences like this that make life what it is"

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