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January's been a busy month, but mostly with work, so not so many photos, I'm afraid.  Still, there are some quality ones here - just check out the snow!  Not to mention pickies of my first Japanese New Year!


Katsuyama -Echizen Daibutsu (01/01/04)

Katsuyama Castle (01/01/04)

Ancient House (Senko no ie) and Burial Mound (02/01/04)

Amusing menu - "China Table", Washington Hotel (02/01/04)

Mikuni (03/01/04)

Oshima (03/01/04)

Walk up a hill, and  a waterfall (04/01/04)

Night out in Takefu (11/01/04)

Late January Snow! (23/01/04)

To Kobe and back to Fukui (23/01/04 - 25/01/04)

Snow (Haruko and the drive there) (29/01/04 & 30/01/04)



January's Best Photo


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Beer Festa, looking cold!


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