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Wow.  July.  


The month when the returners return, the renewers renew, the newbies arrive, and it's getting damn hot!!!


You may have noticed in many of the photos from the end of June that we've started to look rather shiny.  That's because tenki wa mushi atsui (the weather is humid and hot)... 


So what's been happening in Fukui this month?


Minato Elementary School's International Day (03/07/04)

Sayonara Party at Zenya's and Nana Iro (03/07/04)

Yokokan garden (04/07/04)

Tengu (the restaurant, not the mythological creature...) (05/07/04)

Dianzenji (11/07/04)

Shodo (again) 15/07/04)

Last Friday Night all together (16/07/04)

Fuji-san Preparations (17/07/04)

Mission: Mount Fuji, take 2 (18 & 19/07/04)

Fukui Flooding (18/07/04)

Fukui Final Fling (at Tengu and the Big Echo) (21/07/04)

Magical Maiko - Brandon, Laura and my amazing Kyoto experience (23/07/04)
Professional Maiko photos (23/07/04)


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July's Best Photo


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Brandon, Laura and me in a state of undress after posing as maiko


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