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Where did June go?  Well, wherever it went, I managed to fit a fair few things in...


At shodo (Japanese calligraphy) (03/06/04)

The Garden (Again!)  (05/06/04)

Tokyo for the JET Recontracting Conference (13/06/04 - 16/06/04)

TGI Fridays, Tokyo (14/06/04)

Mary's Birthday (18/06/04)

Yukata - YATTA! (19/06/04)

Tie-Dye Fun in the Sun (19/06/04)

Roughing It:  Camping, Japanese Style (25/06/04 - 26/06/04)

Pizza and Wine Party (26/06/04)

Closing Night at Nere's Pantry (26/06/04)



June's Best Photo


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My attempt at shodo 

(I've been doing shodo since the beginning of March)


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