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Another year older.  This month seemed to be very busy, but I don't have many pictures to prove it!  I seem to have travelled quite far, however - Tokyo and Okinawa in the same month!


Graduation at Haruko (04/03/04)

Tokyo (06/03/04-09/03/04)

Korean meal for my birthday (09/03/81)

A man for Ruan - South African Lovin' (12/03/04)

Nere's Pantry (13/03/04)

A bike ride, and some fun with a camera (14/03/04)

Mikata - the Five Lakes (21/03/04)

Last Evening Class (24/03/04)

Check out April's Photos for pics of OKINAWA (27/03/04 - 05/04/04)



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Executive Delly


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