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Well, May just flew by, and I hardly had a chance to get my camera out!  The month was seen in with Golden Week - a whole string of national holidays, during which all Japan goes crazy, packs its bags and goes travelling...


Early this month I did what I've been meaning to do since I arrived - I planted a little garden on the 'balcony'!  


Tom's parents arrived on the 11th and spent two long weekends with us.  The first was filled with trips to some of the great places to visit in Fukui - from Eiheiji to Imadate!  The second was more relaxed, as we hurtled along the Echizen coast, and went to Maruoka Castle, the Bamboo Doll Village, etc, etc!


I mustn't forget to mention the utterly fabulous performance of Momotaro by my fellow Fukui-JETs.  Great job guys!  (You'll have to ask Tom nicely if you want to see the pics ;) ).  


I've been using my old Cannon (film) camera a lot more this month, and I keep those pictures a closely guarded secret! you're gonna have to make do with these pickies.  Tom also took a lot more photos of his parents' visit than I did - and maybe he'll eventually get round to putting them on his website!


Golden Week (29/04/04 - 05/05/04)

Our Garden! (08/05/04)

Eiheiji (16/05/04)

Okonomiyaki (17/05/04)

Echizen Coast, etc (22/05/04)

Maruoka Castle (23/05/04)

Concert at Heart Pia with Haruko (24/05/04)




May's Best Photo

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Haruko students wait for the show to begin


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