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Well, this month I've made soba noodles twice, danced on a train, been in the final yosakoi performance of the year, helped to arrange a prefecture wide speech contest and done a variety of tourist-type things, too.  Oh, and we've got a Christmas tree.



International Club Halloween Party (01/11/03)

Norin Agricultural High School Festival (02/11/03)

Tojinbo (02/11/03)

Echizen Bamboo Doll Village, and what came after!  (03/11/03)

FIA International Day (including yosakoi) (09/11/03)

Maruoka Castle (09/11/03)

Chillin' at Jose's (09/11/03)

The Big Daibutsu (Katsuyama) (10/11/03)

The 43rd English Oratorical Contest (11/11/03)

Meal out with the girls (14/11/03)

Making soba noodles with the International Club (16/11/03)

Okonomiyaki (16/11/03)

Kyoto (21/11/03 - 25/11/03)

Meal at Ganga after Mid-Year Conference Day 1 (27/11/03)

One for Ruan (28/11/030

Eiheiji with a hangover (29/11/03)

O Christmas Tree! (30/11/03)



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Wrong Weasly, Amiinane Danger and Drinka Bardry with Hairy

(aka Tom, me, Adam and a plant pot covered in fake fur)


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