Last Updated: 02/11/03


Another busy month - battling cockroaches (three this month), attending loads of parties (too numerable to count), spending my hard earned cash (now too depleted to count without crying(!)), taking part in more yosakoi performances (another three), and generally getting drunk and having a fab time!


Oh yes.  And Tom arrived, too ;)



Another damn cockroach (02/10/03)

My Bicycle (02/10/03)

Haruko Athletics Meet (03/10/03)

Yosakoi Parade in Katamachi (04/10/03)

Sarah's Birthday Party (04/10/03)

Kara and me after driving to Ono (09/10/03)

Night in at Josť's (14/10/03)

After Mary's party (18/10/03)

Host Family Hajimemashite Party (19/10/03)

Yosakoi Performance at Takefu University (19/10/03)

Tom's 23rd Birthday (22/10/03)

School "Picnic" - BBQ with class 2-1 (24/10/03)

Katsuyama - food festival and Heisenji Temple (again) (25/10/03)

Pizza and Alcohol party at mine (25/10/03)

Tom visits my evening class (29/10/03)




October's Best Photo


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Boys (yes, they are all boys) pose in women's underwear

at school "Athletics Meet" (basically, a fun sports day).


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